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    1. Anonymous (verified owner)

      The activation was not quick

    2. PAT B. (verified owner)

      Really pleased with this product, does what it says on the tin! and for E5 a month, i’ll be back.

    3. Mr M S. (verified owner)

      It would be nice if you could supply a custom m3u file instead of going though the list to find what you wont to see.

    4. Darrell Shaw (verified owner)

      All good but no TV guide

    5. Vladan (verified owner)

    6. مجهول (verified owner)

    7. PETERIS ZABAKS (verified owner)

    8. Tadesse Ghebregziabiher (verified owner)

      It is 99% as described.

    9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    10. MOHAMMAD M. (verified owner)

      Very good

    11. donald bland (verified owner)

    12. eric brustolini (verified owner)

    13. Leslie White (verified owner)

      Great product unfortunately for me it kept on buffering to the point was unwatchable compared to gears and streaming tv.

    14. regine mwamba (verified owner)

    15. Chy (verified owner)

      I’m afraid connections are always failing and you are inept at returning or replying to customers…sad

    16. Manuel C. (verified owner)

      Great quality / price ratio. The only thing is that some channels in Spain are not in HD, while in their website listing, if they appear as if they were HD

    17. Bako Dini (verified owner)

    18. AYAJ MULLA (verified owner)

      Too Good

    19. Swen Schmidt (verified owner)

    20. faycal semam (verified owner)

    21. Abukar M. (verified owner)

    22. Luis Goncalves (verified owner)

    23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    24. Christophe POTTIER (verified owner)

      It works as it said : perfectly !!!

    25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    26. Maria Martuscelli (verified owner)

      It’s time my friend go e setting my box is perfect work good … thank you for belp

    27. Jose Rodrigues (verified owner)

      Very good

    28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    29. marc (verified owner)

    30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    31. Mario S. (verified owner)

    32. Reza B. (verified owner)

    33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    34. Philippe (verified owner)

    35. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Take too long to answer

    36. CHRISTOPHE (verified owner)


    37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    39. MARIO JORGE BAPTISTA (verified owner)

    40. Jose Gaibor (verified owner)


    41. Bruno Da Ros (verified owner)

      It was good but it didn’t have any Brazilian channel

    42. kante


    43. Leroy F. (verified owner)

      Outstanding Service.

    44. palmerino vitti (verified owner)

      Pretty Good

    45. Anonymous (verified owner)


    46. Lucian Alungulesei (verified owner)

    47. Naoual A. (verified owner)

    48. Richard M. (verified owner)

    49. Marco Ramirez (verified owner)

      No me gustó porque los canales se cortan mucho no son estables, gracias porque no tuve que pagar para probar el producto tengo otro que un poco mejor, quisiera un buen servicio, gracias

    50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    51. Vidanovs Deniss (verified owner)

    52. Mohammad U Alam (verified owner)

    53. hajie camara (verified owner)

    54. Robert Ruminski (verified owner)

    55. cristinel marin (verified owner)

    56. richard bellanger (verified owner)

      excellent ! all perfect !

    57. Anonymous (verified owner)

      After 48 hours trial , Im goin for 6 months

    58. david durbin (verified owner)

      Good product, still trying others and then will decide

    59. Olivier (verified owner)

    60. Calvin Nunn (verified owner)

    61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    62. alain (verified owner)

    63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    64. HUSSEIN A. (verified owner)

    65. richard (verified owner)

      The quality was just amazing the only little problem for me was the French lists, I think it would be better if you put every French channel in the same list

    66. alexander greig (verified owner)

      Great server would be great if I got more british channel s thanks

    67. Jasón (verified owner)

      Muy contento con la prueba muchisimos canales y super fluido

    68. Aleksandar S. (verified owner)

    69. hector silva

      Best IPTV site, I trust you I am a former customer, I just renew my iptv subscription and that of my father for the 3rd time. I thank you for the offer you made me.
      I could not resist writing anything after reading bad reviews that are made to express a bad image, I say the opposite.
      and I advise you.

    70. androw kaliop

      Great, the best I could pay with incredible price 🙂

    71. Rene augustijn (verified owner)

      I sent a email but i get no respons i like to try again please

    72. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Once you understand what you are doing, you guys make it easy

    73. Don C. (verified owner)

    74. Richard H. (verified owner)

    75. Kush (verified owner)

      This has great quality. Able to watch all local live channels plus able to watch indian channels

    76. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Its dificult to flow all chennal, beter land by land

    77. Ludivine Alexandre (verified owner)

    78. michael (verified owner)

    79. helio tavares (verified owner)

      One of the best

    80. Gregory Williams (verified owner)

      After I natal problems they helped me very well.

    81. MOUHAMADOU GUIRO (verified owner)

      Good Server just the customer service need be organized. After you do your orders it take time before you receive your activation.

    82. Colin (verified owner)

    83. Darlene Mikell (verified owner)

      Never received username and password , sent message or ticket no response , no refund

    84. Brian Thilemann (verified owner)

      It was a pleasure to have the subscription, it all worked flawless.

    85. Douglas Tackett (verified owner)

      Great service. Easy to use. I went for the trial period and before the end of the trial I ordered the monthly subscription.

    86. carvalho carlos (verified owner)

    87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    89. Nikolaj Lungan (verified owner)

      Very good Job!

    90. Juan A F. (verified owner)

      I am using a MAG 322 box and the reception is perfect, I would recommend this IPTV service for anyone who wants to save money a watch quality television

    91. Ali Ageeli (verified owner)

    92. FREDERIC (verified owner)

    93. courtney johnson (verified owner)

      Experience was very good,video quality was crisp and clear only issue was a little buffering on some channels overall it was excellent.

    94. KEVIN FAHY (verified owner)

      Really good it’s a great service.

    95. Christian (verified owner)

    96. KEIRON S. (verified owner)

      Excellent service, works great no problems whatsoever !!!!

    97. yannick mac (verified owner)

      slow delivery

    98. Henry O. (verified owner)

      Good quality

    99. Yves Stephane Assemian (verified owner)

      good service

    100. Christopher Whitfield (verified owner)

      The service is good but I am having a problem with sound being out of sync so am trying it on a mag box to see if it improves. I will still use 5e service as it is one of the best I have tried so far. Well worth a try.

    101. keith richard j. (verified owner)

      Great program if only I can stop the buffering worked on most programs

    102. Dynaroo (verified owner)

    103. EIKI SIITAN (verified owner)

    104. Phourasaphonh Phonephetrath (verified owner)

    105. Carlos Ferreira Pires (verified owner)

    106. Ioannis Fengaros (verified owner)

    107. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Very slow..buffering and lack of customer service

    108. marcelino hernandez (verified owner)

      Good tv and lot of channel

    109. Anonymous (verified owner)

    110. Anonymous (verified owner)

      I believe it’s a trustfull site they send me a M3U link but I needed a portal url so i send an e-mail I got an respond that my Mac adress was activated but they never respond to my question about the portal url.

    111. Tombazenga (verified owner)

      Too expensive

    112. Lempa (verified owner)

      The trial helps you to make a good decision and now i have made mine the 1 year subscription 👍🏽

    113. Erich Uitz (verified owner)

    114. Waithaka Newton (verified owner)

      Hello there, most of the channels in the IPTV buffer a lot, I would kindly like you to improve on them

    115. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Highly recommended IPTV, one of the best and offers wide range of channels.

    116. babar (verified owner)

      Good service, some channels didn’t work, but all IPTV services are like that

    117. Anonymous (verified owner)

    118. mauro (verified owner)

    119. Arkadiusz Czajka (verified owner)

      Polish TV dosn’t work

    120. Osvaldo (verified owner)

      Didnt work

    121. Joshua B. (verified owner)

      Little buffering and few channels are not working

    122. Aleksandrs Jablonskis (verified owner)

      Very cool!!!

    123. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Channel list was good but didnt include my local ones. Many channels was lagging, sometimes channel change was fast sometimes stopped for many seconds. Some VOD movies lagged (UHD). FHD movie was good , no problem.

    124. Eduardo Leal (verified owner)

      The service is great and the customer service is awesome, I have sent several emails and I got instant response every time. The only thing i’m missing is that you cannot customize the list of channels and that there are limited US channels in FHD. Other than that this service is outstanding.

    125. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Very happy with the quality of the picture. But did now and then lose the sound..that’s why I gave the score I did.. very helpful person.

    126. Jean Simon (verified owner)

      I am very happy with the service so far and I will buy more credit in the future. This is the best iptv service I have ever used by far especially with the quality hd and 4k you get across the board it’s just amazing . Thanks so much guys and keep it up that way.

    127. joao m. (verified owner)

      Brazilian channels not working

    128. renganaden g. (verified owner)

    129. Bledar Tola (verified owner)

      all albanian channels does not work

    130. Mauro Zohil (verified owner)

      In trail version missing the guide for programs, what you recived wheb buy the mounth programs or some oder package. This is the only reproach.

    131. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Very good

    132. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Never got login info and how to install on firestick

    133. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Tried it to test Swiss MySports Channels, 1 out of 6 was running, not more. Not usable for me.

    134. Ian (verified owner)

      Really poor service and unhelpful on whats app.

    135. Michael Grayer (verified owner)

      DIDN’T work

    136. tou mohamed (verified owner)

      Actually, it’s the best iptv server so far

    137. aytekin yildirim (verified owner)

      Good service

    138. Anonymous (verified owner)

      I will buy it!

    139. Pedro Silva (verified owner)

    140. Guirreh (verified owner)

    141. Kareem I. (verified owner)

      Very bad experience, the email for the 24H trail went to my spam, then I finally was able to get hold of the person in charge through PayPal and got the IPTV portal setting but their service never worked. I contacted him several time seeking help for more than once but never got any answer, to me customer service is everything and I disputed the charge not because of the mount was $1.99 it’s all about principle.

    142. Anonymous (verified owner)

    143. Mehmet (verified owner)

      Best provider ever

    144. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great quality and service. Didn’t find it anywhere else like this.

    145. Fernando Silva (verified owner)

    146. Diego Cao (verified owner)

      It’s a 48 or 24 hours Trial?

    147. Brenda vesel (verified owner)

      I couldn’t get it to work on my fire stick anyway it doesn’t have enough American channels I was looking for a app for at least 3 devices

    148. Antonio Y. (verified owner)

      No he recibido ningún servicio. Es una estafa

    149. Nicolae (verified owner)

      nu merg programele din romania

    150. Jose carreiro (verified owner)

      Good service

    151. Roger (verified owner)

      Paid for a trial and NEVER got the trial period so I was ripped off for the money spent for the trial! Not happy at all!

    152. Fernando Silva (verified owner)

    153. janneke l. (verified owner)

      Link did not work

    154. tommy clyde (verified owner)

      trial was ok and had all ireland channels and celtic tv. subscription for six months does not have celtic tv this is the main reason I got it most of ireland and other channels are not working

    155. Anonymous (verified owner)


    156. Bonga Dlamini (verified owner)

    157. Anonymous (verified owner)

    158. Anonymous (verified owner)

    159. Carlyn Elizabeth (verified owner)

      There are some channels not working but the videos are clear

    160. HARRIS KOLIOTSAS (verified owner)

    161. robert lopez (verified owner)

      I can’t see anything and I pay for a month service and nothing work! Please is posible some buddy help me to get the service or my money returned? Thank you.

    162. Gary Bratt (verified owner)

      I don’t know how it was I never used the trial

    163. Nedim (verified owner)

      24 Trial never worked,no response from the seller. Avoid

    164. Anonymous (verified owner)

      No stable.

    165. Simon Worner (verified owner)

      Awesome service and very helpful emails. I would recommend you guys to anyone. Keep up the excellent work.

    166. ali duale (verified owner)


    167. Michel P. (verified owner)

      Bad picture and definition ! I received my code in time but the server is really too weak ! I don’t want to buy it for another time.

    168. Paulo Soares (verified owner)

      I never receive the url for try

    169. Giuseppe (verified owner)


    170. Anonymous (verified owner)

    171. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Us channels are not working well and not so many

    172. Jose Emilio (verified owner)

      In the description you a you assert that this is a 48 hours trial, and is really less, and tha fact that you removed paypal as a payment method is really bad for me, also, the first day the support via whatsapp was responsive, yesterday I tried several times to contact you and didnt get any response

    173. Simon Cowling (verified owner)

    174. Anita (verified owner)

      Positive: Very good and fast.
      Negative: Support is too slow. One waits too long for an answer.

    175. Fernando (verified owner)

      Es funktionierte nicht alles

    176. Jose Rodriguez Jaen (verified owner)

      I could not take the test

    177. emin (verified owner)

      I have not tested, very bad seller, late replies, not helpful. I have never experienced this bad bad bad bad ..

    178. Jose Pereira (verified owner)

    179. Raffaele Bava (verified owner)


    180. James Fredriksson (verified owner)

      Service looks very promising with a nice selection and seems stable. I hope they will have a good offer soon, then I will join for a year.

    181. NINO SUSANA (verified owner)

    182. Neil (verified owner)

    Add a review